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To feed your body, energize your spirit and to revive your soul, the Downtown / Fourth Ave / West University districts are where to go. We work, live, love and play in a unique community. These neighborhoods define the character and soul of Tucson. Here you will find great places to eat, music to enjoy, art to appreciate and shops to explore.

Revive your soul.
Tucson, AZ
photography by david smith
copyright 2011-13 david smith
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The birthplace of Tucson, many say it is where the heart and soul of Tucson live today. New development and business growth combined with the mixed historical feel of downtown make it a destination for your eating, drinking, shopping and entertainment.
4th Ave. - the most eclectic neighborhood in Tucson. You will find shops providing a singularly unique experience. Food, drinking establishments and live music venues define a pedestrian
neighborhood with a personality of its own.
West University Blvd. stretches from the UofA's Main Gate to 4th. Ave. A neighborhood that captures the pulse of college life, it offers a broad range of shopping and dining experiences with a mix of home-grown and national chain options.
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